Just as I was hoping the weather reports were going to be wrong we end up with close to 4 or 5 inches of snow on the ground. Only days ago we were looking at grass in our yards and the temperatures weren’t too bad for this time of year. All the while I was driving around from town to town without a bike to ride on top or in my car and I really need/want a ride outside right now. But for now it’s either off to the gym to hit the weights, a spinning class and some stairs or spin like a hamster downstairs on the rollers and/or trainer. I am so looking forward to riding outside and it’s not helping that I have a XXIX belt drive bike and a XXIX+G demo bike taunting me out of the corner of the bike area in my basement. As you can guess it’s driving me crazy.

I’m also adding to my own personal craziness by purchasing a RALEIGH MACAFRAMA frame. If you haven’t seen the frame check out this link…CLICK HERE…for some quick details. I’ve been watching the frame travel across the country by what seems like horse and buggy with an arrival date of January 10th. Though the frame will be in my hands Mondays are generally very busy for me so that means I’ll either be down in the “bike shop” late which isn’t a big deal this time of year as I’m looking for something to fill the void left by Monday Night Football being over for the season or I’ll shove the box into the corner of the room and wait till I have more time on Thursday to start putting it together. That will then only lead to more problems, I WILL WANT TO RIDE THAT BIKE once it’s build. So that loosely translates to calling some of the guys in the area to see if they want to do a frozen pub crawl some night. hint, hint.

Back to the normal Friday routine for me, hitting the road to see some local Raleigh dealers. I also have a great time chatting bikes before going into family mode for most of the weekend. Now all I need is the Element back from the folks at Alternative Solution Car Care who have kept the Element (aka Ella) running like a champ. Nothing crazy this stop, just an oil change and a stabilizer bar tighten. It sounded like I was hauling some loose tire jacks in the back with all the banging noises going on over washboard type bumps. It should sound like a new car after that.


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