SNOW…and more snow

It’s sounding like it’s going to be a challenging out on the roads today with predictions of more and more snow. Not a bad thing as I got out of Cincinnati last night as they always seem a little more challenged by the foul weather than the rest of the state but that doesn’t mean I’m out of the woods yet with plenty of dealers to see today (provided they are open) and with the hope to make it home this evening. What this does mean though is there is some family fun on the horizon with what sounds like plenty of sledding in the forecast. I’m just hoping to get some outdoor exercise in by hitting a local park, Chapin Forest, to do some XC Skiing. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve had my Atomics out on the snow and I’m looking forward to it, I just hope to I’m standing up more than falling. This will also give me the chance to use my new Timex Global Trainer GPS out in the woods. I’ve been able to use this watch a couple of times at the gym during a spinning class, outside running, and once on a ride and it’s been amazing. It’s quick to capture a GPS signal, measures everything you can think of, and is an ANT+ device which means it can pick up speed, cadence, watts, etc…from whatever devices you may have. I’m thinking for this venture out it’s probably going to be a great mapping device and something that shows how terrible I am on skis right now. Oh well at least it will be outside!

Inside I’ve got projects too. You may have seen the pictures I posted of the new Macaframa that just landed here at Raleigh and more specially at my house. I’ve got everything to build the bike, I just need to take the time to put it all together now. I am really looking forward to getting on this bike however it’s looking like it’s first rides might either be at a local shop or on the rollers. For those looking at purchasing this frameset I want to remind you this bike is setup to be run without brakes to keep it nice and simple. I would love to say this bike is going to see a velodrome anytime soon but the closest we have around here is Highland Park in Pittsburgh and that’s covered in snow right now.

On the training side I’ve been putting in some time at the gym doing all sorts of things. Lifetime Fitness in this area has some pretty good instructors that lead the class as though they have ridden outside which helps. Along with that I’ve been running, lifting weights, and climbing stairs. I’ve never really used a stair climber before but LF has some gigantic pieces of equipment that look like real stairs that work on a conveyor belt type system that work great and feel like climbing real stairs. I wasn’t sure what to think of this and tried them one day. Though I didn’t get too sore I could definitely feel every second on that thing. It was great!

Here’s to another week. Get out and enjoy it if you can.


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