Vandervorts Corners Road Race by David Duerk

70 riders in a Cat 4 race. Just over 8 miles per lap, 6 laps, lots of wind SSW@ 15-25, and 80+ degrees in Early April. The course ran SW for a mile and a half with a short hill at the end of it, NW for a few miles then back SE for the balance. The SE section was serious crosswind.

The first lap was a good warm up. 3 abreast as we fought the wind till the small hill. Then the speed picked up as we caught the tailwind section to the North at 30 + MPH. I stayed to the left side of the peloton as we came across the wind heading SE. Lap 1, safe, I was about 50th position and working on moving up at the end of the lap.

I turned the corner into lap 2 and gained several spots, moving to working in 25th position. As I approached the hill I dropped to the small chainring….I thought. It dropped off and I fell to the back of the pack as I worked it back on. A quick few turns of the pedals brought me back, but at the back. Up the hill and turn north, hammer down! Passed several at the 2  left / right corners along the tailwind section.

Lap 3 kept things going quickly, lots of riders fell off the pace and were dropped.

On lap 4 the pack went hard into the wind, single file. Up the hill, fight the extreme wind for a quarter mile at the top of the hill, turn right. The pace was taking its toll on me and the heart rate was pegged near my maximum. As we turned into the crosswind section, I was struggling to keep with the group. The peloton split into 2 groups and I was just off the back of the second. I pushed to catch and did, but couldn’t hold the wheel of the group. Try again, not enough left in the tank to hold it. One more attempt as a rider came by me, nada!

Solo now, then working with a few riders who pass. Cat 1,2,3’s so they ride off.

Lap 5 and my left crank is squeaking, it’s not going to make it for 2 laps. At the feed zone, Jane tossed me the car keys, and I made a pit stop to tighten the bolt. Back on course, final lap. As like last week, lots of racers are bonking, and I catch and pass numerous Cat5’s and women’s racers. Hold the speed find the finish and call it a day.

Satisfied with my efforts but realize I should have eaten and drank a little more on lap 2. Thanks to Jane for passing bottles and all her support!

By the numbers – 49 miles 2:20 @ 21MPH average. Ave heart rate 165/ Max 175.



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