As we all should know by now May is Bike Month here in the US and I don’t think it could come at a better time. As I write this today the sun is shining and it’s looking like a great start to the month after getting more than enough rain last month which is greatly needed. The warm, dry weather should also assist in getting us all out on our bikes to celebrate Bike Month and do our parts in promoting cycling. This is our chance to lead the way by getting out on our bikes whether it’s on a Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Comfort/Hybrid Bike and/or Commuter Bike whenever we can. I think most of us have all seen the studies which show 40% of the trips we take in a car are within 2 miles of home which I think is a very “bike-able” commute in many if not all cases. So this month I challenge you to get out on your bike more and try to change your habits by giving bicycle commuting a chance. I think you’ll be amazed at how easy it is and you’ll be doing yourself good all the while. Did you know that with only 3 hours of bicycling per week you can reduce your chances of heart disease and stroke by nearly 50%. Not a bad way to help promote a longer life.

In keeping with the Bike Month theme I wanted to point out a really cool thing we’re doing here at Raleigh. We have created an amazing website to assist you with your cycling goals whatever they may be but with a specific goal of assisting you with your various cause rides. Here is our official release, “Raleigh is proud to support cause riders everywhere and the dedication you have made to cycling for the purest and noblest reasons. We’re ready to help you go the extra mile with a portfolio of bikes built for your journey: comfortable, sleek, dependable, and affordable. We have created the ultimate training partner for you in a one-stop website for everything you’ll need to get ready for your event.”

Here are some features for the site –

  • Training programs and nutritional advice from the experts at Bicycling Magazine
  • A calendar of events and rides in your local area
  • A dedicated Gear Guide overviewing all of your bike, gear, and apparel needs
  • A locator to help  you find a local expert to answer all your questions

I’ve visited the site quite a few times and it’s amazing. I plan on using it quite a bit this month and in months to come as it has quite a bit of useful information whether you are just starting out or if you are a seasoned rider.

To run jointly with this program we here at Raleigh have announced our support of cause riders everywhere  and their commitment to pedaling to improve the lives of others and the world around them. For a limited time purchase a 2011 Raleigh Revenio/Capri bicycle and a donation of $50 dollars will be made to the foundation of your choice. To get more local we are running an exclusive program with CENTURY CYCLES & THE MS150 PEDAL TO THE POINT where with the purchase of the same bikes (the Raleigh Revenio/Capri) a donation of 10% of the purchase price will be made on your behalf. It’s not only a great time to get out and support a cause but a great time to get out an enjoy a new Raleigh Revenio/Capri road bike!

And there’s more, I want to show you what’s going on in the area. As many of you probably saw (and I thank those of you seeing this message for not hiding me on Facebook just yet) I took the 30 days of biking challenge last month. What a month for that. Record rain fall throughout this area made for some challenging rides but I managed to do what I love and got out on a bike each day rain or shine. It did help me realize that I didn’t have everything I needed to commute and helped me update a couple of my bikes with fenders and waterproof panniers. I know the SKS fenders not only look great on my Raleigh Misceo 1.0 (see below) but they have been extremely functional keeping me on the bike more often than not. It has even assisted me in getting out commuting on the bike to see a couple of my local Raleigh dealers. As much as the fenders have assisted in keeping the racing stripe off my back my AVENIR RAIN CITY PANNIERS have kept all my gear (work computer included) amazingly dry. It’s an extremely easy bag to use with a dry bag roll top opening. I can’t give this bag enough comments as it served me well last month and will keep doing so in months to come.


I ended the month of madness…sorry…30 days of biking with a great Mountain Bike event at Vultures Knob, on April 30th. In spite of rain that fell at 11pm Friday night the trails were amazing dry and provided a great opportunity for riders to demo some bikes, in my case some belt driven Raleigh XXIX and the geared version the Raleigh XXIX+g. Considering how the weather had been over the course of the month the turnout for the demo and race where amazing with roughly 100 riders showing up on Saturday to put on quite a show. I even had some great visitors over the course of the day with Scott Cowan from Century Cycles making the event a stop along his road ride, Brent Forrer (from Solon Bicycle and the Solon Bicycle Racing Team) showing off his single speed racing prowess and Brandon Halleen (Solon Bicycle Race Team) photographing the event as he had raced on the road earlier in the day. Sunday then followed up with a downhill event which from what I have seen via the images on the 331Racing Facebook page was really cool.

Raleigh Space at Vulture's Knob MTB Event

Raleigh XXIX photo by Brandon Halleen

As there are many more events coming down the pipeline I don’t want to spoil all my future posts now that there is a ton going on in the area. I do have one last item. On May 20th I will be guest bartending at  AROUND THE CORNER at the Bike MS Kickoff Party. If you are in town and thirsty I hope to see you there and in doing my part, all of my tips will go back to the MS Society. So come on down and have some fun, drink some libations, and check out the Raleigh Reveni0 and Capri bikes we will have on display. It’s going to be a great time!!


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