Germantown Road Race…by David Duerk

Race Report May 15th 2011

Germantown Road Race (SW of Dayton OH about 8 miles), temp 57 degrees wind SW@ 7-12. Low clouds drizzle at warm up time. Cat 4’s went 7 laps / 51 miles today on a rolling course with 2 short hills.

35-40 of took the start. I rode about 25th during the first lap. No incidents at all. Lap 2 saw the pace quicken on the downwind, downhill / return half of the lap @ 30+. The hill at the finish line loomed. I stayed with the lead group of 25 up the hill. On the 3rd lap the pace went crazy and the downwind leg again. Maxed out heart rate, sucking air. The hill spit me and 2 others out the back. We worked together for the next half lap to try and regain the group. Just 200 feet back but couldn’t make the catch. Then the Cat 5 leaders came flying by. The group quickly caught the Cat 4 leaders and they were “neutralized”. The 3 of us caught back on at the hill and finished the lap together with the leaders.

The Indie racer guy and I were spit out again at the “finish line” hill, we worked together for a half lap then he fell off my wheel at the turn. Solo for the final 2 laps, see a rider ahead, work to catch him/her and then on to the next.

Final half lap and I see a rider ahead. Working to reel him in. Count the seconds that go by after he passes a landmark, 35 seconds… one, 28 seconds… On the downwind leg he is just 21 seconds ahead… 15…then he sees me and picks up the pace. Flying down the hill at 35, off camber  turn left. Swing the right hander at full speed. Up the rise then back to the flats before the finish hill. I am within 10 seconds but he is working to keep ahead. Right turn, finish hill 150 feet ahead. He is starting the hill as I turn the corner. GO! I give it all I have, pass a dropped Cat 3 on the hill, but cannot quite make the catch. Rider 740 takes it by about 5 bike lengths. I congratulate him after the race and he acknowledged the chase and working the finish.

Great race! The drizzle started 5 minutes after the race. I really like this Ohio Spring Race Series. This is just the 3rd I have made this year, but I do SO enjoy riding in the peloton, and working hard to hold with the main pack as long as possible. From a 57 year old bike racer, that is all I can wish for. The younger set can climb the hills A LOT faster than I am able. BUT I HAVE FUN!!

Average speed 21.3 / Ave heart rate 161 – 52 miles in 2:23.


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