INTERBIKE and beyond

Wow, another Interbike has come and gone with more stories that can be told due to the “…stays in Vegas” rule. What I can say though is RALEIGH IS BACK in full force and it was quite evident during a rainy day at Dirt Demo and by all the foot traffic inside at our booth. It’s great seeing folks appreciate all the hard work our product/design/marketing folks have put into such a great line for 2012. It’s going to be a great year for Raleigh as we continue to push forward with the brand.

Dirt Demo. Well my hopes for Dirt Demo as always was to get to see some of our bikes out and about once again as well as see how folks take to the bikes we have there to test ride AND to get some sun out in the desert hills. Well I did witness nearly all our bikes being out on test rides quite a few times a day however I don’t think I saw the sun for very long as it seems we from the East took our rainy weather with us. Though it was a drag to be stuck in the rain again it did complement our new CX line very well and folks were riding everything they could get their hands on! In the end it would have been nice to have had the sun shining but it was great seeing folks get out in-spite of the weather.

Dirt Demo in the Rain

After a couple of days outside the traveling bike show went back inside to the Sands so we could show off more of the line. It was again amazing at how busy we were with nearly no down time this year. Usually I have a moment or two were I can walk the show but I wasn’t able to this year. During lunch on Thursday I did manage to snap a couple of quick pictures of the Raleigh’s we had out in the glass cases just before you enter the show. The first is the Raleigh Team Bike commemorating the joint venture of Raleigh USA and Raleigh UK with the Continental Team. It looked pretty sweet to say the least. We also had featured the Raleigh Detour DLX Brooks Edition which received a ton of looks and provided a lot of conversation in the booth.



And as working at Interbike is a good time so is busting a move at the one and only CROSSVEGAS!! For many this is the official kickoff to the Cross season and a great opportunity to see the pros go at it up close. We at Raleigh and our lucky first 150 Raleigh dealers to visit the booth, got to check out the race in style. We rented an open air double decker bus to get dealers to the event and then had a VIP area right at the main barrier run up. It was a blast to say the least. I was also one of the lucky 175 riders (I did notice the 100 rider field limit on the website but…) to toe the line at the Wheeler Dealer race. I wasn’t planning anything crazy as it seemed like I have had nothing but bad luck this year combined with my lack of fitness which means I make up for it in just having a great time. Well CrossVegas was definitely a good time…well after we got “dropped” by the Team Pita pro who was planning on winning from the back row. I was in the major pile up near the back portion as the “pro” Team Pita guy took Velonews writer/rider Neil Rogers violently to the fence in a true Cat 5 move breaking his collar bone as he (Neil) crashed into a metal fence. I was lucky to only hit the turf but it was a lot of effort to get to the group just in front that eventually lead to some wicked cramping by me. None the less it was a great time and I would do it again only hoping for a better end result for Neil. And as a sidenote the Raleigh CX Pro he was riding came thru without a hitch.

On a positive note Raleigh Rider Craig Etheridge tore up the race Wheeler/Dealer race bringing a good many racers to their knees as he not only crossed the line first but did so on a Raleigh CX Single Speed!! Check out the write up at CX Magazine. And while you are at it check out a quick video summary of the fun had at the Raleigh VIP tent. Anyone interested in bobbing for beers?!?


Now that I’m finally back in town again for a while it’s always fun catching up with everything going on here. As the title sponsor of the NEOCX it’s been great seeing everyone out there on the course when I’m in town. As I’m catching up today and planning the rest of the month I noticed that Raleigh/Solon Bicycle Rider Brandon Halleen was ripping it up while I was gone earning himself a fine placing earning himself…a lil bottle of Jim Beam. I’ll be over later to help you with that Brandon and Congratulations on the excellent effort!

We have more local news about to break but I want to make sure I get my facts straight first. I look forward to seeing you out there on the road, trail, and CX course. Next race for me…Brooklyn CX. Hope to see you there!!


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