Well CX season is definitely here in Northeast Ohio and was well demonstrated at this week’s race in Brooklyn, Ohio. We were lucky enough to escape the  rain while racing but a week’s worth of rain made for a wondrously muddy course that had many of us stopping at least once a lap to clean our bikes enough that the wheels would turn. With that said it was a great time and a great event!! I can’t wait for the next race!!!

The bikes looking clean. It was cool to have both the Rainier & High Life there.


Staging the A race


3 guys racing in the mud.


one of many deep mud puddles around the course. This was actually one of the easier to ride thru.


A lone rider cruising thru the mud.


This guy continually rode further up the hill than anyone else. It was pretty cool to witness.


Most of us "ran" the hill and despite the long mud run my Shimano pedals worked well throughout the race.


Here's the bike post race, living the High Life!


The front wheel after the race.



This was riddable this weekend. The wheel wouldn't freewheel at all but it could be turned.


Brandon and I post race. Notice we both have smiles.


No matter how muddy it was it was a great race! I’m looking forward to more in the coming weeks with hopefully a little less clingy mud…




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