What’s going on in Raleigh-Land

What a busy weeks it’s been so far in Raleigh-World and it’s only Tuesday night. I’ve received some great updates from dealers across the OH, PA, and WV territory that I wanted to share with everyone in no particular order.

My first email of the day came from Mike Petcher of Century Cycles sharing the latest addition to the Medina Police Department…a nice grouping of what looks like 4 2012 Raleigh 5.0s. Talking about a Police Department with style! Not only are they well position out on the streets with bikes but mounting a Raleigh is even cooler! Great looking Police Bikes for sure.

The Raleigh Talus 5.0 custom Police bike

The next email reminder I received was from the guys at ORE in Boardman, Ohio who were quick to point out a great link to Bicycle Times where they are showing off some great new Raleigh bikes that they got to check out at Interbike. This is definitely worth checking out and is a great quick and easy read. Check it out at this link, http://www.bicycletimesmag.com/content/interbike-2011-new-bikes-raleigh.

Here's a great image from their post and happens to be one of my new favorites, the Raleigh Furly

Then my schedule allowed me the opportunity to get one more ride in this season with the Raleigh sponsored Team Defiance in Defiance, Ohio. It’s always a great time getting together with these folks on and off the bike. Though the season is winding down keep an eye on these folks as I hear they did really well at the TT that was held at Gear Fest this year.

Enjoying the weather on another great ride with Team Defiance!

And if you are keeping up with the news via the Cleveland Plain Dealer you should check out the front page of the Health section today as there is a great article about Cyclocross. I was able to assist local Cleveland shop Century Cycles in putting on a Cyclocross Clinic a few weeks back but unfortunately Cleveland Plain Dealer Journalist Zachery Lewis wasn’t able to attend the first day so we did what we could to make sure he got a good feeling of what Cyclocross is all about… I think he’s ready for sure!

Check out his article here – http://www.cleveland.com/healthfit/index.ssf/2011/10/running_cycling_and_jumping_cy.html

That’s all I can remember for now though I’m sure I’ll think of more once I publish this post. Have a great evening and enjoy the great weather while it’s here! Fall in this area can provide some of the best riding weather all year long, don’t let it pass you by.


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