What a great day for a race! The weather turned out great and with all the rain we had during the week we had no shortage of mud. I learned a valuable lesson in muddy conditions, if not sure how long to run your chain…either rear wheel nearly slammed to bb bridge or add a link… always add a link. It makes for more mud clearance! I also learned if you want good pictures of you racing, crash on a downhill in front of the camera folks. NEOCX Director Gregg Brekke was nice enough to place himself at the bottom of a muddy hill where I managed to put on a good lil show for him. As you’ll see the crash was more of a slide and I was able to smile as I rode away…mostly because Gregg was already thanking me for the action shot. Glad I could assist.

A great day to race CX! Single Speed no less!!!

There goes the front wheel. The hill in this shot doesn't look bad but it got tough as the race went on as it got really muddy.

It's tough to crash and look cool.

...slip sliding away....

Rolling away with that same darn smile.

I’m looking forward to the next event for sure and I’ll be prepared with a little better rear wheel clearance for sure!


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