Raleigh/Shimano Team is coming to Cincinnati

The weekend is nearly here with a ton more Cross available to satisfy your fix. Cleveland has a Saturday and Sunday event this week on the East Side which is shaping up to be quite an event. Here’s a couple of link to the event flyers.

Saturday and Sundays Event in Cleveland

The 6th Annual Chagrin River Cyclocross Challenge

And should you find yourself in the Columbus area check out the Uncle Steve event on Saturday.


And then next week NOVEMBER 4TH THRU 6TH the big guns come to town for a couple of weeks of great racing and Raleigh is going big! World Champion Bike Messenger, CrossVegas Wheeler/Dealer Winner (on a single speed no less), and winner of multiple Single Speed Cyclocross GP events Craig Etheridge will be in attendance ready to show everyone how to get it done! Check out a couple of cool links pertaining to Craig’s performances.


CYCLOCROSS MAG WRITE-UP – http://www.cxmagazine.com/cross-vegas-wheelers-dealers-craig-etheridge-dethrones-cariveau

Craig Etheridge (Raleigh) makes his way through the field on Planet Bike Cup #1

Craig Racing the Raleigh Single Speed Belt Drive Cross Bike

And not to be outdone by Craig, female cycling phemon Jenni Gaertner will be attempting to steal the show at the women’s elite race! I was going to give you her bio of accomplishments but I’m not that good of a typist and it would take me all day. We will just say her specialities are Mountain Biking, Cyclocross, Road Racing, and Triathlons…basically she does it all and does it extremely well!!

A view from the top with Jenni Gaertner (Raleigh) the inside line.

Jenni taking the sweet line.

These talented folks will be kept in check by the accomplished now retired Road Pro Jonny Sundt who will not only be making sure the bikes are ready to win but it sounds like he will be throwing his leg over a bike too! And from I hear there will be some other talents under the Raleigh tent that weekend too. I definitely recommend stopping by the Raleigh tent and catching up with some of our Raleigh Racers.

As an added bonus we will be having a meet/greet with the riders at a local to be announced on Friday night and then if the weather works out well for us another meet/greet/clinic/ride on Tuesday night (yet to be defined fully) from Bishop’s Bicycles in Milford, Ohio. I definitely recommend stopping by as these folks are a wealth of cycling info and great folks to hang out with whether on a bike or behind a beverage.

Keep an eye out for updates and images from this weekend’s racing!

Next week, LOUISVILLE GP! Watch out KentuckY, Raleigh is coming for you!!

*and for those English majors that may be reading this post here’s a link for you!


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