Chagrin CX Day 2

What another great weekend of Cross! The weather on Sunday was great and the mud was pretty limited compared to a few previous weeks which was nice for a change. Just in case though I did not only add a link to my chain length but also added a pretty yellow KMC chain to boot. Looking back at the photos I was pretty fancy with my glasses and chain matching.

As cool as the racing was it was also very cool to see a few more Raleigh bikes in the field this week. Stacey Rhea from Grunt Girl Racing/Snakebite Racing was in attendance putting her Raleigh RX thru it’s paces. She’s only two races into the sport of Cross and from our conversations I think she’s all in!


Next up was Alex Kinney riding for Scum City aboard a Raleigh High Life. Usually he can be found punishing me thru out the course but this week was an off week for him and a good week for me as managed to hold off his vicious attacks.


And though not on a Raleigh it was great seeing Kevin Madzia from Century Cycles out there throwing down and getting ready for Iceman! Hope to see you out there at some more events Kevin!


And try as I might I was still not able to pull Solon/Raleigh rider Brandon Halleen back to me. I’m getting closer but Brandon is definitely making me earn any seconds I can pull back. Hopefully he will be able to take his fitness up north to Iceman and do good things.


I think I progressed a little bit this week earning my placing more than weeks before. Though I’m not exactly something that could be confused with race shape at the moment I am working towards that and fitness does seem to be coming along okay. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some of this fitness I do have down to Cincinnati for the UCI3 weekend. Here’s a few great shots taken by Gregg Brekke! Nice work as always Gregg!!







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