As someone who greatly enjoys getting outside on a bike whenever the opportunity presents itself I find myself super lucky to have the job that I do. Not only do I get to be around like minded people quite a bit but I also get the chance to ride and show great new products that are hitting the market. The latest bike that really has me excited this time of year isn’t just a Cyclocross bike either, it’s the 2012 Detour City Sport. We have taken all that we have learned and that was cool from the Detour DLX over the years and extended the commuter series into a full line ranging from internally geared bikes such as the Detour City Sport Deluxe and Detour City Sport Deluxe Brooks Edition to the externally geared bikes such as the aforementioned Detour City Sport and Route City Sport. I’ve ridden my sample roughly 10 miles now and can say that this bike will find its way into my stable of bikes as it has everything I need and look for in a great commuting bike. Here are a few quick details.

the Detour City Sport

a very comfortable waterproof saddle

v-clip compatible so you can quickly/easily add bags/lights

a super comfortable swept back handlebar

color matched fenders and rear rack as well as disc brakes all working together to create an amazing all weather commuter

an adjustable dropout that is not only compatible with internally geared hubs but is also belt drive compatible

My experiences on this bike so far have been great. I’ve already had quite a few trips to the local supermarket to pick up some odds and ends in my Avenir Rain City Panniers and I expect a lot more to come. Now where to ride this weekend??

bikes aboard!!

And here’s a great little video put out there by the Cuyahoga Valley Bikes Aboard folks.


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