the winter has begun

So here we are officially starting the winter months. Snow fell last night and has gently blanketed everything in a renewed white fluff that is not only great to look at but has the kids really excited for the sledding season. I’m looking forward to getting on my skies to do some skating at the local park, Chapin Forest, that grooms the trails on a regular basis as soon as we have enough snow. With all the excitement of winter activities looming I still find myself longing to get out on my cx bikes and hit the trails and though I found the length of the NEOCX series to be perfect I’m finding myself wishing I had some extra time to run down to Indy or Cincinnati to hit some of the ongoing races down there. Maybe next year I’ll travel down for a race or perhaps get with some guys up here and put together a fun December Single Speed series.

Speaking of CX bikes did you see the contest that Raleigh Chrome have going on right now? check it out!


And speaking to the CX season I had the good fortune of working with an excellent Raleigh dealer and Raleigh-Shimano team down at the Cincy3 last month. Hard to believe it was over a month ago already. The team was


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