Summer in January

Welcome to 2012! I’ve been hiding away from the blog for a bit for one reason or another but I’m back with more and more Raleigh goodness to share. First we here are Raleigh are making it easier for you to throw a leg over one of our bikes to check out the greatness. Yep that’s right Raleigh will be introducing an Eastern (and Western) Demo Sprinter Van stocked full of Raleighs ready for you to check out and ride. Though we’re still working out the demo schedules we did get a sneak peak at the Sprinter Vans that will be coming to a location near you very soon. These beauties are scheduled to hit the road and be down in Florida as early as this February! Look out here we come!!

Raleigh Sprinter Vans Pre-Wrap

On the home front I finally ordered and received a sample Raleigh Furley! I’ve been preaching the goodness of this bike since it was introduced to us but for some reason I never actually ordered a sample. Once I got my head screwed on correctly and went to place the order it seems as though our dealers were smarter than I was and had cleaned out our warehouses. Well after a couple months I finally received my sample and as luck would have it we had another amazing day here in Ohio and my appointments were relatively close to the house so it sounded like a perfect day to commute by bike to my appointments today. After a relatively quick build of the bike I stashed a tool in my pocket for any quick adjustments I might need along the way and headed out the house for a day on the road. This bike is amazing! I ended up seeing my “normal” three dealers that I would have seen had I driven, I got 30 miles on the bike, and I got to ride what is one of my new favorite bikes. This bike performed extremely well with very predictable handling, perfect commuter gearing, and disc brakes to boot. The potential this bike has is amazing. I’m really at a lose for words when it comes to describing how much I like this bike so I’ll drop in a few review links (though they are mostly about the Roper they both do have the same frame and same cool features outside of the whole gears thing.)




And as much as I’m all in when it comes to the Furley I’ve really been enjoying getting out on the trails and mountain biking for some reason. I feel bad as I had really turned the other cheek to mountain biking the past year and decided this year was going to be the year I hit the trail more often. Well I’ve kept up with my promise already hitting our amazing trails down in Mohican and all I can say is shame on me for not hitting those trails prior to that December ride. Those trails are amazing!! I plan on hitting those trails quite a bit more and hopefully joining one of Raleigh’s newest dealers, Kim’s Bikes as they do multiple groups rides each week. So not only did I check out those trails but I also managed to sneak in a ride with the limited daylight I had while on my last trip down to West Virginia. If you are ever in the Parkersburg, WV area make sure you bring a bike and stop by Mountwood Park…more amazing trails. I only managed to hit one section of trails before I didn’t have enough light to navigate through all the features they had setup but the time I had was amazing and I plan on hitting those trails more too. As I recall the River Valley Mountain Bike Association does night rides every Thursday night. I would check out their link (RVMBA) before committing but once confirmed I definitely recommend riding those trails! Here’s a shot from one of the stops I made as I was trying to figure out where I was.

A break between the "TO THE MOON" trail and the "APOLLO 13" trail

I think this is the top of "TOP OF THE MOON"

And to keep with the MTB theme our friends over at got to check out the 2012 Raleigh Talus 29 Carbon Pro. Though I’ve had the chance to ride this bike the review has definitely made me consider adding it to my stable of bikes for this year. It’s just tough as I’m all in on the single speed side but this bike might be easier on one’s knees.

Though I have more news I don’t want to bury it this deep in a blog so I’ll save it for another post that you’ll definitely want to check out. I’m going to call it a bit of a homecoming for a rider near and dear to the area. Until then enjoy the warm weather and keep the rubber side down.





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