Miles not Hours

Normally this time of year when I’m prepping for a new cycling season I’m counting hours not miles on the bike but thanks to the mild winter we’ve had this year and my new found vigor to get out when it does happen to be cold (and snow covered) has me logging over 200 miles for January and probably close to that for February as well. Many of you may not think of this as a huge accomplishment to really write about but with limited daylight, family time, and work it’s usually extremely tough to log any outdoor miles. With this new cycling rejuvenation I’m already planning some races for the season which I haven’t done probably since I lived in Wisconsin some 12 years ago, crazy to think that it’s been that long.

Outside of the “normal” road races it seems like the UltraCX series really has peeked my interest. I was going back and forth on possibly doing Barry Roubaix but by the time I finally made up my mind it was full selling out by February 4th for the March 24th event. That’s probably for the best in the long run as I don’t know that I could get in the shape to really participate by that time. However during my last visit to Pathfinder of WV, Andy told me about the Hilly Billy Roubaix and I did some quick work to see if I could make it fit in my summer calendar. Well it looks like its going to work out great and I’m signed up and ready to race. Though I probably won’t be able to many more of the UltraCX Series I do have my eye on Iron Cross in October which might work out however I’m planning on going back down for the Cincy3 again this year so we’ll see how the calendar works out. As you may be able to tell from this post Cyclocross in any form is definitely back in the limelight for me and I’m already looking forward to any CX racing/riding I can get.

While I’ve been pining away for some CX riding/racing I’ve also been busy in the territory as the weather has been good and so have sales. In an attempt to really show off the great products we have this year at Raleigh I’ve managed to get some great riders in the territory on Raleighs one way or another. In the Cleveland area this year we have two great riders Brandon Halleen and Gregg Brekke throwing their legs over a Raleigh as we create the Raleigh Racing team this year. Brandon worked over the single speed series at the NEOCX placing 2nd overall for the series as well as posting some great results on the Mountain Bike. Gregg was killing it last year with some great results on the mountain bike before an untimely accident saw him breaking his collar bone. As much as that stinks Gregg took it in stride and did an amazing job as not only a great director of the NEOCX series but also as one of the photographers for the series producing some spectacular shots. You might remember my falling and sliding down a muddy hill. Definitely check out his work at Sixview.


And we’re not stopping there. In a combined effort with Pathfinder of WV we were able to get another couple riders throwing their legs over a Raleigh. I would like to welcome Gunnar Shogren and Betsy Shogren to the Raleigh family for 2012!! Listing the amazing performances from these two is more than any blog can take so we will just say they pretty much rule the roost when it comes to riding a bike. This year throwing their legs over brand new Raleigh RXC they placed 3rd and 4th respectively at Master Worlds. It’s great having them both on Raleigh’s this year and it’s kind of a homecoming for Gunnar as he was a DBR team member “back in the day”. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do on the bikes this year and hopefully getting some rides in with them when I’m in the Morgantown, WV area. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up at the Hilly Billy!

Betsy Shogren shows more style points at the line then her husband Gunnar.

As per "Betsy Shogren shows more style points at the line then her husband Gunnar."

Gunnar Shogren finished 3rd in the men's 50-54 championship.

Gunnar Shogren finished 3rd in the men's 50-54 championship.


Well, that’s all for now. Until next time have a great time on the bike. Also keep an eye out for the East Coast Raleigh Demo truck which goes live here in the East in March! This will be a great chance to throw a leg over some amazing machines.


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