The flatter part of Ohio

After putting in a great day on the road I really wanted to try and get a ride in today unfortunately all the normal clubs/shops I ride with on this side of the state had either taken off early to get in some longer miles in the 50° February weather or were trapped at work. I decided I was going to try and find a spot to ride as I set myself up for tomorrow’s visit and I was surprised with what I found. While leaving Findlay, Ohio I came across a “bike path” trailhead only to find it more than I bargained for but quickly began to enjoy. The ride started on a normal cinder path but then quickly disappeared into a field that merely had a path cut about a tractor wide. I had expected a casual ride but quickly found myself sinking in rim deep mud. I couldn’t have been happier! I ended up riding the fields for a while until I came across some gravel farm roads and then secondary back roads which led back to town. By the time I made it to town I was a bit tired but had enjoyed every moment of the ride thus far, only to start feeling drops of rain beginning to fall. What had started out warm and dry was quickly turning cold and wet. Couldn’t have been happier for some reason. I ended up finishing the ride soaked with the finishing temperature dropping to 36°. Despite some numbness I’d do it again in a heartbeat.




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  1. oooooo i love the site. 🙂 sounds like a great ride!


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