Commuting in March

I am continually amazed with this weather we have been having recently. We have had some pretty warm March’s in the past as I remember back to getting a sun burn at the Cleveland St. Patty’s day parade some 8 or 9 years ago but I don’t recall many that had the continuous weather like we do right now. I’m a fan for sure. With this great weather (and turning back of the clocks) I’ve been able to get out more and my daughter took her first sans training wheel ride this year!! It’s looking to be a great cycling year.

As is pretty customary with the changing of the clocks after work group rides are popping up everywhere. I was able to attend one just yesterday with the guys/gals of Bishop’s Bicycles down in Milford, Ohio. It was a great showing despite the looming thunderstorm on the horizon. We managed to ride for about 45 minutes before the threat of getting struck by lightening was too great and we hurried our way back to the shop before meeting up at a local gastropub.

the group getting ready to ride

Along with being able to get out there and ride with the clubs across the territory this weather has also allowed me the opportunity to commute by bike! I’m a fan of bike commuting over driving however my job has me seeing too many accounts in a day that are pretty spread out making incredibly tough to see everyone on bike. This past Wednesday was one of those days that I love as my account visits were in the Cleveland area and close enough to one another that I could ride to them  all. So I wanted to share a little bit of the ride but wasn’t really into writing a big story about it so I took some pictures along the way.

I haven't seen this guy in a while


about ready to dive down the little Italy hill


looking across to the Cleveland Art Museum 


just a fan of how they built this hospital


one of the many bridges along the mlk bike path


looking at Cleveland from the lake

the bike path along the lake


the view from the path

the rock-n-roll hall of fame


a great lakes barge


Browns stadium.


Memorial know, Cleveland Rocks


columbia street bridge. it may not look it but a significant bridge to cleveland's history.


and to end with a strange looking duck. reminds me of a joke. Which side of the Ugly Duckling has the most feathers? The outside!


Thanks for reading, until next time keep the rubber side down!




4 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, Nice scenery! I’m from Ashland, OH and now live in Idaho. I found your blog after searching for info on the Furley. I’m currently waiting on one to show up at the local bike shop so I can test it out. I’m most likely going to be riding one fairly soon 🙂 Anyway, great work on the blog, I’m looking forward to seeing that Furley in front of some more familiar sights. Thanks!


    • Thanks Tony.

      Yeah, the Furley is a great ride for sure. Do you know what size you are looking for? I can keep an eye for you.


      • There’s a 55cm coming for me to check out at my LBS. Thanks for the offer though. How do you like it? Have you taken it off-road? I’m thinking about rockin’ it in a 105 mile gravel grinder in the Owyhee Desert out here in Idaho. Should be fun. I’m also building up one of the Talus 29ers with some nice stuff. I’ll be documenting the whole process on my blog in the next few weeks. Anyway, keep up the good work.

      • I’m definitely a fan of the Furley. It’s using cx geometry so plenty of clearance off road. I have around 15 miles off road and about 30-40 gravel miles and another 50-60 on road. Though not as light as my RXC it handles extremely well and is very predictable. For a do-all bike I can’t recommend the Furley enough.

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