CX is here again!

So where does the time fly? I was looking back at my posts and the last post I had was in April, crazy. Well with that said there has been a ton going on since that last post. I had a medical condition that had me off the bike for a little bit, I had an amazing summer traveling about with the family, went out to Deer Valley, Utah for the unveiling of the 2013 Raleigh line only to then be followed by another amazing Dealer Camp, a quick trip out to the Outer Banks and then we are back to here to Cross season in Ohio! Oh wait, can’t forget another great MS150!! This year not only did I get to hang with the great Bay Rockets MS team but also brought along some local Raleigh Racing guys this year. Great times were definitely had!!

Here we are at the finish having some fun.

I definitely have to say as much as I love to ride/race road bikes my renewed interest in Cross has only multiplied over the last year or so. Last year I jumped into the local scene at the NEOCX and had a great time. I wasn’t training much…well actually ever just jumping on the bike when I could if I could and then racing on Sunday. This year I’m attacking the season with a little more vigor but still planning to have fun with it more than anything. Our season starts September 9th so it’s time to get on the ball.

Lucky for me Ohio has some of the best CX practice grounds around…at least in my opinion. So as a Rep for Raleigh and as a rider I’ve been hitting as many as I can to not only promote the brand but to get my fair share of laps in as well. Two of my favorites so far this season have been the Cap City DitchCross practice in Columbus, Ohio which has been a lot of fun and Kings CX practice down in Cincinnati (which will host a Cross After Dark event on November 3rd). Both have been excellent in allowing me to get Raleigh awareness in those markets and to get better as a rider. I think I might move up in my pack fodder status this year thanks to all their help. I’m planning on hitting more CX clinics in the very near future bringing along my small army of 2013 Raleigh RX 1.0s to demo. Check ’em out!! Also the Raleigh demo truck will be coming to town soon with a good amount of the 2013 Raleigh RX 2.0s to demo. Keep an eye out for that one.

I also had some luck on my side this year and I’m going to be riding for the Gates/Raleigh or Raleigh/Gates team out of Ohio! We have a great group of guys who are going to be mixing it up this year but that will be another post coming soon enough. We as the Gates/Raleigh team did just get a great big package from Fedex with all our parts so the build up of bikes is happening now. As you’ll notice as you scroll down through the images I couldn’t wait to get mine built. I’ll be racing the RALEIGH HODALA CARBON SSCX frame with a FSA cockpit (cranks/stem/seat post bars) and TRP Brakes (specifically these linked the EuroX Magnesium ) and TRP Brake Levers (excellent levers and using the ones linked, the RRL Alloy) along with the Gates Belt Drive Center Track system. Oh and can’t forget the Crank Brothers Candy 3 pedals!

Check out a rider taking a demo ride on my RXC! She was rocking it for sure.


Another rider testing out the 2013 RX 1.0 coming off a nice sweeping turn over the ditch.

Post ride chill out before heading home…or for me to the hotel.


a parting shot…now it’s time to figure out how I got all these bikes in/on the Element. Oh and check out the Furley in the background. Raleigh’s everywhere and a Gates Belt Drive to boot!!

getting ready for practice at Kings CX with some Raleigh RX 1.0 demos!

Why not throw in a shot of the Furley as I hit the new Royalview trails in Cleveland

Every good CX event has beer somewhere near by…

Well thanks for reading and until next time keep the rubber side down and enjoy the bike!!


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