Cascade Cross 2012

Cyclocross season has started here in Northeast Ohio with as much mud as enthusiasm which was a great way for us as the Raleigh/Gates Belt Drive Racing team to get familiar with all the amazing stuff we are riding this year. The Gates Belt Drive system, specifically the CenterTrack, was awesome! Zero issues and once we finished the line the drivetrain looked darn near as clean as when we had started. Another huge notable change (compared to my setup last year) that I was extremely happy about was the Crank Brothers Candy 3 pedals. Despite running through really deep mud and up a muddy, grassy hill the pedals never clogged up and I was able to consistently clip into my pedals the first try. That alone is an amazing change!

the hill


Well enough about that stuff. Racing Cyclocross Rocks and this year has been as amazing as ever. The team showed up ready to race. The course setup was great and I’m sure challenging when dry but after a day of rain it was proving to be quite a muddy course. After a warm up on the road we took a quick lap of the course to see what we were in for and returned muddy and excited. The start was fast and furious with Raleigh/Gates rider Weston Flickinger taking the hole shot! It took a some effort to keep him in sight but after some time the field reeled him in and the tempo the race lessened just a little bit though I don’t think the mud ever did. As the spray of mud settled Raleigh/Gates finished the day well with me finishing 4th, Brandon 5th, and Weston 6th. Not a bad showing for the first race of the year and we’re already looking forward to the next race which will have the team split up a bit. I’m heading west for the big bike show, Interbike, and will have another chance at racing CrossVegas on Wednesday and officially being touted as America’s Biggest Cyclocross race of the year. It’s going to be extremely cool riding with some other Gates racers from across the country. Others from the team will be heading to Wendy Park Cyclocross on Sunday September 16th. With Interbike I never seem to be able to do that race but definitely wish I could as the course setup is excellent. One of these years…



Unicorn Power!!

the team getting ready to toe the line

weston taking off

weston powering through the flat


me pedaling through one of the only non-muddy sections

brandon showing speed and form thru the barriers


then throwing down with a smile

Until the next time the mud flies…Thanks for reading.


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