Fall is Here!

Another Friday morning has come finding me scrambling to make sure my daughter gets all her stuff done in the morning before school as I also try and get some things prepped for another day on the job. I was surprised at how well everything went even though in the back of my mind I know I’m forgetting something. Daughter is at school…I double checked. 🙂

Well with me seemingly now running ahead of schedule I quickly looked at the clock and decided to try and squeeze in a ride before hitting the road to see some dealers. Usually these rides end up pretty stressful as I’m hurrying to get ready, then at some point in the ride realizing I’m on the verge of running late only to then put it in overdrive to get home, get ready and tear off to my first account. Today everything seemed to work out. I got in my ride and kept to my schedule so I didn’t have to hurry at any point. Glad I did to as this was the first ride that I really noticed that Fall is here. Sure racing Cross is the first sign that Fall is here but we’re not starting to see some leaves changing colors and today I was able to take a little bit of it in while on the ride. Makes for a great Friday!


no concerns when it comes to traffic this morning


leaves…they are a changin’

the water is still a bit muddy from all the rain but still a cool view

Until next time.


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