More & More Bike Related Fun

So much has happened since the last post that it’s tough to know where to begin so I think I’ll start with the My Reason to Ride awards & video party. We as Raleigh put together this great site where folks can upload videos as to why they ride their bike. Well over the course of time we decided to put together a challenge to Bike Cleveland. The challenge was to see if they could get 50 videos uploaded in a certain period of time and should they we as Raleigh would reward Bike Cleveland with $5,000 to put towards making Cleveland a better place to ride. Well they killed it getting 60 some uploads and some amazing videos along the way. In the end we choice Lindsay’s video as the winner but take a look at some of these to see what you think. They are pretty inspiring.

Next up was Deagans Bike Night! This one is pure fun. This event US pretty simple, every Thursday over the summer cyclists were invited to ride to Deagans where they would get a 15% discount on their check and an entry into a drawing for a Raleigh Cadet i8. This year was as much fun as prior years with a great cycling turnout and a winner was found amongst a ton of entries. Congratulations goes out to Donna Winfield of Rocky River!  Though the weather is getting chillier it is still a great time riding the bike out for some Thursday night festivities at Deagans home of the best tacos in my opinion!!

me, Donna Winfield, Scott Cowan, Dan Stroup

Next up somewhere in there was Blue Sky CX. It was the best of times it was the worst of times is how this one is supposed to go I think. The weather was cold and rain not drizzle but rain and fell throughout the day. I hadn’t been able to attend the earlier SSCX race as I was hanging out in the cold wet weather at my daughter’s soccer game but I did manage to get there in time to race with the A field. As I was getting ready I was filled in about the excitement of the day thus far with Raleigh riding Gunner Shogren taking the SSCX win, Gates/Raleigh rider Brandon Halleen taking 3rd and Raleigh Riding Betsy Shogren taking 5th. My goal was to hang in there as much as I could with the fast A field but with riders like Shawn Adams, Gunnar Shogren, Robert Sroka, and John Proppe to name a few it proved to be more of a challenge than I was ready to bite off. I did manage to hold on for a small victory as I battled back and forth with Jay from Scum City. He would pull away on all the long flat straights but I would managed to quickly pull him back in the muddy technical sections. At one point Jay did get quite a gap on me but I managed to ride some sections fast and smooth aboard the belt driven Raleigh Hodala to come across the line ahead of him. Baby steps, baby steps.

just a little muddy. photo by Julie Sroka

Brandon killing it. photo by Julie Sroka

yep that’s mud. photo by Julie Sroka

Betsy Shogren powering thru the mud. photo by Julie Sroka

Gunnar powering along by Lake Erie. photo by Julie Sroka

the only section on the course where you could take a little break and gain some time. photo by Julie Sroka

working at catching Jay. photo by Julie Sroka

one of many muddy sections. photo by Julie Sroka

one tough run up. photo by Julie Sroka

Gunnar working the lower muddy section. photo by Julie Sroka

Next up is Ride On Cyclocross at Wayne College in Orville. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make that one but ROCK ON GATES/RALEIGH!!


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