Ohio State CX Championships

So this past weekend I was lucky enough to get down to Columbus to race States as we didn’t have a ton of family stuff planned for Saturday afternoon. As happy as I was to participate it was a tough race for me. For whatever reason my travels got me down to the venue with only about 1/2 hour to register, warm up, and preview the course. Not ideal but again happy to be down there. As I make my way over to register I realize that I’m a few bucks short of what was needed and happily bumped into a friend who loaned me the dough to get into the race.

After a quick trip to the car to pick up my pit bike and get whatever else I needed to race I did a quick warm-up/pre-ride on the twisty section of the course to look at various lines. Before really finishing that I heard over the PA that it was time to toe the line. Well I went over with about 5 minutes of ride time and no idea what the course actually looked like but I’d find that out soon enough. And to add to the challenges of the day they were calling riders up based on registration…here I come back row.

Well from the gun I tore off with as much gusto as I could manage and passed a good amount of the SSCX and Junior combined field as a I could however there were still some juniors between me and where I wanted to be. As gaps opened in the techical section I was left with the challenge of trying to pull back some riders while not boxing out too many juniors in the turns. I did manage to pull back a couple of guys but had already burned a couple matches getting there and had to settle in for a minute or two. I’ll call this my warm up to the course.


Brandon chasing down a Cap City Rider. photo by dante


Brandon pulling away. photo by dante

As the race went on I realized to what extent of a power course we were on and tried to put in some efforts to get back up to what would be the group fighting for the podium. Try as I might I wasn’t able to make much of a dent in that gap. I was however able to pull back Team Lake Effect rider Craig Hannibal. This turned into quite a battle as we would pass one another many times over the course of the next 4 or 5 laps. He had the power on the long flat sections and at times would gap me just a little bit. I would try and bring back that gap just before the headwind section each time so that I could have a slighter easier time of it.


working turns. photo by dante


there was a slight uphill on the course. slight. photo by dante

After a few laps of the back and forth and trying to find shelter from the wind each time I think it left me with just a little more power than Craig at the end and I ended up taking the sprint for 9th out of 14. Not exactly what I was hoping for but it was a great race and battle with Craig.


Brandon working the barriers. photo by dante


me on the barriers using the tongue as counter-balance. photo by dante


working another turn. photo by dante

As Gates/Raleigh we had great success with Brandon Halleen taking 3rd overall with an amazing effort keeping some SSCX giants in check. And congrats to Ernie on taking the win for the 2nd year in a row!!

Ernesto Marenchin (1st), Samuel Dobrozsi (2nd & missing from photo), and Brandon Halleen (3rd).

Next up the Chagrin River CX which takes place both Saturday and Sunday. This is a great course and always an amazing time. I’m very much looking forward to this race and hopefully arriving with enough time to actually warm up this time.


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