Solon CX

It was another week of Cyclocross awesome and this week we found ourselves out at the Solon CX! This course included the much touted Spiral of Death amoungst other fun such as a couple romps through the mud pits. I’ve seen many opinions with regards to the Sprial of Death but for some reason I tend to do fairly well on the more technical and/or twisty courses. I think the only problem I had with the continuous turn is towards the end I started feeling dizzy but I don’t think that’s too far from my normal.

Gregg & Weston side by side in the Spiral of Death

Well this week’s race was good to me. I managed to get a good start off the line and worked some early corners pretty well which helped me form a couple of gaps. I also found I was able to power out of the corners fairly well this week which only helped me glide through the course with more ease than normal.

the sprint to the first corner

Next up was a couple of mud pits all of which could be ridden however one was much faster to run through. Last year I let pride get in the way and rode through the mud to impress the hecklers while losing spots slipping in the mud working to stay upright.  This year was not the case as I rode my momentum as far as it would quickly take me into the pit and then ran the rest. On nearly every lap this would gain me crucial spots. I was very happy to have my Crank Brothers Candy pedals as they never clogged up allowing my cleats to engage instantly. I think that helped a ton this week as I was passing a lot of riders there and riding away before they were clipped back into their pedals.


considering the mud here’s a pretty clean pedal and drivetrain

In the end I am quite happy after securing a solid spot on the backside of the leading group and holding onto my place even with a charging teammate Weston Flickinger and Craig Hannibal from Lake Effect. Here’s hoping I can pull a few more of those out as the season continues the rest of the month and into December.

taking my turns and chasing down wheels

Check it out we had short sleeves on this past weekend! We probably won’t see many more of those this late into the season.


the mud covered Raleigh with a clean belt driven drivetrain


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