Pre-Thanksgiving Ride

I was going through and cleaning up the basement bike coral a little bit the other night making sure everything was put away…or at least in the general area of put away and I bumped my head on a bike. Normally this would be followed with a quick blue streak swearing at whatever I bumped my head on because it would have obviously been it’s fault regardless. As I began to look up with cursed breathe I took at look at what I had actually suffered this wound from and there gently swaying back and forth was my XXIX. As the welt on my head slowly grew I began to think back to the last time I rode this bike and it took a few minutes to pin point actually when that was. So being the bike geek I swore off swearing at the bike this time as it was more of a sign that I needed to get out on the bike than clumsiness…or at least that was the story I was sticking to at that point.

So with a ride on my mind that was growing faster than the bump I quickly grabbed my phone and sent over a quick text to Brandon who quickly responded as we figured out the details of getting together for a ride. Within moments we had time/place figured out and now was the waiting game for the following morning as we were heading out before work in the crisp early morning.


We had decided upon the Royalview trails as a great place to meet up and it proved to be the perfect spot for the day. Gentle climbs, smooth switchbacks, and nasty roots greeted us along the ear to ear grins as we pedaled about the trails. What was also pretty cool was Brandon and I had similar thoughts as we both decided upon our Raleigh single speeds. Not to be too much of a suck up to a Cyclocross sponsor wanted to quickly point out to Brandon that I was being true to the season and was riding a Gates Belt Drive while he was upon one of those chained rigs. I gotta say with riding both belt drive bikes pretty much back to back this week I’m definitely a fan of their new Center Track System! For whatever reason it gave me a little more confidence in the ride but thinking back I’ve never had a problem with their CDX system either so it was more a matter of cosmetics. Either way as normal the ride was quiet and clean!


Now as I was giving Brandon grief about his rig being chain drive I was secretly…well actually it wasn’t a secret as I think he noticed…admiring his bike. It is one of those rigs that I really dig. It’s not only a Raleigh but it’s a Reynolds 853 frame nicely decorated with the Hodala themed Lion of Flanders sipping upon his beverage of choice. This bike reminds me of all the great rides I’ve had over the years aboard an 853 frame so it was hard at time to not beat Brandon down and take his bike. As tempting as it was first it would have probably looked like a Bobby Julich fight and second his bike is just a wee too big for me so I opted to let him enjoy it.


Well in the end it was a great ride outside of a little crash in the leaves by me. I was stepped on the gas just a little early through a little whoop section that also happened to have a slight turn and a crap load of leaves. Well the end result was me making that old man umph noise as I hit the ground and a quick swear as the handlebar came swiftly back and knocked me in the knee. My knee quickly swelled but in the end will be fine though a bit sore today. Regardless fun ride!!

I wanted to also point out a few things as I think there are still people out there who aren’t aware the Hodala team has a blog out there. I recommend checking it out at Also while you are there check out their store as they are already getting ready for the 2013 SSCXWC! There are some great shirts and stuff to be had. I’m a fan of the shirt below.


And for those who are interested in themed arm warmers these wizard staff arm warmers can’t be beat. Check them out over at All Hail the Black Market. Well actually that’s the blog address here are the arm warmers. Right here.

Wizard Staff arm warmer, medium - Click Image to Close

Well that’s all for now. Have a great one!! Happy Thanksgiving


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