Butternut Hill CX – Hiram

Another Sunday of Cross in the books and another mud-fest in Northeast Ohio, not that I’m complaining by any means. This one was quite a struggle with deep loose mud everywhere as we did switchback after switchback in open fields and through a couple of fields of pine trees. For whatever reason I really wasn’t up for the task of throwing down and with a field of the areas top SSCX riders present it was going to be a fast day even though we were fighting for traction in the mud.


Ernie mastering the mud. photo: russell lee

As we rocketed off the line I managed to capture 4th into the first corner but soon found my tire selection to be less than desirable as I slide all the way over to where it was finally not muddy. I stayed in my pedals through the sliding corner and attacked again to stay on the wheel in front of me only to see it slowly gliding away from me and me without the power to bring it back.


Brandon and Zac fighting the good fight! photo: Russell Lee

As I watched 1st through 4th ride away from me I tried working on my line to see what I time I could capture back and found some great lines. I don’t think I pulled a second back but I may have minimized the distance with my continuous efforts. And though I found 3 tough muddy sections faster to run than ride there was a time or two that I managed to find a sweet line and ride the muddy turn to uphill. I felt like a champ and started pulling back riders from the Master’s race that started 2 minutes before us.


to run or to ride? photo: russell lee

In the end it was another great day of Cross in Northeast Ohio with the folks at Team Lake Effect putting together a great course! Fun was definitely had and the post race beers tasted even sweeter than normal.


brandon and the doughnut handup followed by rejection. photo: russell lee

And while we were making our way through the mud in Ohio there were folks out West racing away at Single Speed Cyclocross Worlds or better read as SSCXWC. Looking through the pictures that are littered throughout my Facebook wall I get more excited for next years event which takes place in Philly! I’m super excited to get out to another SS “World Championships” as my last one was all the way back in 2000 in Minneapolis, MN. I still tell stories of that amazing weekend and most of them don’t even include the actual race. So instead of waiting until next year we are having our own fun here!


cyclocross is sexy! photo: russell lee

And wanted to say Thanks to Russell Lee for letting me use his amazing photos. I was checking out his work this morning at www.russellleephoto.com. I definitely recommend checking out his work. He has some great work!

me and the mudUntil next time…


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