Sunday Morning Gentleman’s Ride

With a quick phone call announcing I’m running a few minutes late as I couldn’t find the meeting spot for the ride I take a quick glance at the temp on my phone it’s a whooping 19* with a “real feel” of f-ing cold. I quickly find the guys as they are huddled together grasping on to any warmth coming out of their soon cooling cars. I take a moment or two to get the rest of my gear on, tights, sandwich bags between two sock while wearing winter cycling boots, and some lobster styled glove covers to ensure my fingers don’t get too chilly resting up on my bars. No sooner than I throw my leg over the top tube the group is “racing” down a snow covered bike path which would be a good portion of our ride.

Gentlemans ride 012713

We struggle in the beginning trying to find a line where we could actually ride in a straight line as runners and XC skiers alike had pretty much used up all the available space trying to do the same thing. After a couple of quick ventures I think we all finally found the far outside line and caught up to the only mountain bike of the group and one of only two geared bikes (4 single speeds 3 of which were rolling Gates Belt Drive). At this point it was game on keeping the MTB at bay, well that was until I happened to notice a nice little trail running beside the bike path. During the summer months I wouldn’t have looked twice but with it being so cold out and the potential lack of hikers out it was definitely worth a quick run on this “shortcut” which added a couple of dismounts and a couple of nice turns to boot. After we recovered from that little escape from the bike path it was time to once again struggle with our lines to catch back up to the MTB who nicely waited for us at one of the major turns in the route.

bedford climb

Next we find ourselves chatting and catching up with each others busy lives, you know basic stories revolving around beer, bacon, and fancy unicorn flags. We find ourselves totally engrossed into the conversation only to find we are now staring down what was going to become one hell of a hill for the time of year, temperature, gearing (did I miss an excuse?). We attacked the hill with the speed and vigor of a 60 cadence and then danced our way to the top. Though this hill doesn’t show itself as the beast that it was today it definitely made the ride that much more interesting.


After collecting ourselves we trudge along only to find more bike path struggles ahead as we continue to find that outside line hoping that this isn’t time the we find a snow covered edge that quickly snakes our wheels and forces us to the ground. Luckily we travel on without incident and shortly find a nice descent or two back to the parking lot only after snaking a quick “strava sprint” to the bridge taking the one and only Brandon down a notch. Overall I definitely have to say it was a great time and I’ll be looking for more but next up the RALEIGH SSCX DERBY only to be closely followed by CX WORLDS. See you at the races!!



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  1. Posted by Mark lucks on January 28, 2013 at 11:12 am

    Great post Sean. Sure beats my experience on the indoor trainer watching netflix.


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