Valentine’s Day Bike

So another day older and after getting what I did in the “mail” today maybe even a bit wiser. As it’s a new year it was time to update the sample/race bike for 2013. I like others am ready for the road season so it was time to get something on order before it was too late. Well my first choice was already gobbled up so I had to “settle” for the 2013 Militis 3 with the new Shimano DA 9000.


Normally I’m not one to go top shelf but after a brief shake down ride I’m really glad I did! Not only is the frame awesome (new uci stamp of approval included) but the hanging parts are amazing.


DA 9000 performs incredibly well! With nice tight shifts and great ergonomics its hard to believe I nearly passed this bike by.


After the first ride I found the bike to be quite responsive, compliments to a nice stiff t800 carbon frame and some light Cole Carbon 38s.


Hard to believe 11 speed is here. I really didn’t notice that I was able to turn it up to 11, at least yet, but that could also because of the cold temps today. I did notice how smooth shifting was however and I can’t recommend checking it out enough.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say after a couple of rides but for now I’m going to enjoy some cake and eat it too!

In the meantime here’s a great review of Shimano’s DA 9000

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