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So there I was finishing up yet another week on the road and looking forward to the weekend when low and behold my latest sample bike arrives a day earlier than I had thought. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this bike as I think it makes a ton of sense especially in this area after the winter we had (okay are having). As the snow departs I am sure we are going to find an asphalt mess awaiting us and I think this will be the perfect bike to transition from the doom and gloom of the basement to the bright open roads. Though I haven’t yet been able to really throw a leg over the bike outside of making sure the basics are ready to go once it warms up I’m impressed with what I’ve seen thus far. I only made a few changes to be more inline with my perferences one of which is shown in a wider tire. The bike comes with 25c Mavic tires which are great but I choose to go with the even wider Clement Strada in 28c. Fits really well and should assist me even better when hitting various riding surfaces. I’m also changing out the saddle to a Prologo Nago as I’m a huge fan!




One of the key features to this bike is the Shock Absorption Technology (S.A.T.) which as you may guess works as an inline shock absorber in the frame. This is done with an inline elastomer ring with 3.5mm of flex at the coupler which roughly equates to a maxium of 35mm of seat post deflection. Just enough movement to take the edge off when encountering those bone jarring cobbles or rough roads left by winters wrath. Don’t worry about losing pedaling energy though as the head-tube, down-tube, and chainstays are all apart of the Power Box which put the power on the road (just like that of the Xelius).




Another great feature of the bike is coming from the front end with a slightly slacker head-tube (1* degree slacker) than a normal race bike paired with a 50mm offset fork (compared to a traditional 43mm on a race bike) to accomplish more predictable handling, especially as you tackle the challenges the road throws at you.



This is just a nice reminder that this is the official bike of the UCI Pro Team FDJ and the bike you will probably see tackling the cobbled roads of Paris-Roubaix once again! I’m pretty sure you have to take a slug of whatever you are drinking when you see a tricolore on your screen this edition.



So there’s not a lot more I can add that the video doesn’t already cover outside of the fact that this bike is even cooler in person than it is on video and I highly recommend checking one out!!




That’s it for now, here’s hoping I’ll still be able to see the mailbox with the next bit of snow we’re forecasted to get and that we get a little bit of warmth (and meltdown) so that I can get this rig on the road!!


Until next time…

2 responses to this post.

  1. ooooh, that bike looks sweet!


  2. Posted by wilson on May 16, 2015 at 11:53 pm

    I really look forward to the followup review!!


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