Raleigh Rumson

IMG_20151119_151730I thought now would be as good a time as any to introduce the new Raleigh fat bike the Rumson. After taking it out on its first spin I gotta say I love the bike. The trail geometry made for predictable handling and the five inch tires made for a very comfortable ride with velcro like traction. I know Raleigh is a little late to the fat bike game but we definitely did it right. Coupled with the trail geometry we’re using 150 millimeter spacing in the front (allowing for a suspension fork upgrade if desired) and 197 millimeter spacing in the rear keeping with current standards. The bike also comes with 100 millimeter rims and TRP spyke mechanical disc brakes for great stopping power. So yeah a bit of simple spec info and you can find more here at the Raleigh website.


For me the bike handled great off road and I only had to make minor changes for my fit with an offset seatpost. The bike railed through corners sticking every berm I pointed it towards and smoothed out every rock I hit once I dialed in my tire pressure. Though I wasn’t on a trail with a huge amount of climbing this bike seemed to float uphill with its modest fat bike weight of only 35lbs (with pedals). With how great this bike handled on normal dry trails I’m definitely looking forward to putting foul weather miles on this bike very soon and it looks like Mother Nature may be assisting with snow in the forecast for this weekend. The only unfortunate thing for the fat bike is a sweet lil NEOCX cyclocross race going on this weekend at THE FIELDS that comes first.


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